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Secure Adhesive Wound Closure Strips


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Sterile, non-woven, flexible adhesive strips used to help secure and close incisions or lacerations wounds to speed up the healing process. Skin-friendly adhesive reduces skin shearing. Wound closure strips are commonly used after medical surgical incisions or procedures when the skin needs to be held together and vapor transmission needs to occur for the skin to heal. Wound Closures are dispensed on a sterile card that are available in different widths and lengths and do not contain any latex proteins.



Key Benefits:

  1. Sterile package
  2. Skin-friendly adhesive
  3. Enhances wound healing
  4. Breathable material allows for vapor transmission



Dynarex Wound Closure Strips Specifications:

  1. 3521 is a 1/8" x 3", 5/card, 1/pouch, 50 pouches/box
  2. 3523 is a 1/4" x 3", 3/card, 1/pouch, 50 pouches/box
  3. 3525 is a 1/2" x 4", 3/card, 2/pouch, 50 pouches/box

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