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Sterile Water for Injection 20ml (Pack of 25)


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Hospira Sterile Water for Injection is a sterile, non-pyrogenic, distilled water in a single-dose vial used for intravenous administration after addition of a suitable solute. It may also be used as a dispensing container for diluent use. No antimicrobial or other substance has been added. The pH is 5.5 (5.0 to 7.0). The osmolarity is 0.

This preparation is designed solely for parenteral use only after addition to drugs that require dilution or must be dissolved in an aqueous vehicle prior to injection.

Sterile Water for Injection contains no bacteriostat, antimicrobial agent or added buffer and is supplied only in single dose containers to dilute or dissolve drugs for injection.  For IV injection, add sufficient amount to a solute to make an approximately isotonic solution. pH 5.0 to 7.0.

Water for Injection, is chemically designated H2O.


What is the purpose of sterile water for injection?

It is sterile, hypotonic, nonpyrogenic, and contains no bacteriostatic or antimicrobial agents. Sterile Water for Injection USP is a diluent or solvent suitable for intravascular injection after first having been made approximately isotonic by the addition of suitable solute.

What is the difference between Sterile Water and Bacteriostatic Water?

Bacteriostatic water for injection has an extra preservative agent added into the water called benzyl alcohol (BnOH). Benzyl alcohol is a colorless liquid that has low toxicity, and low vapor pressure. Sterile Water for injection is a single-dose sterile water that does not contain any bacteriostatic, antimicrobial agents, and added buffers. Purchase online today as they are extremely hard to find in the United States.

Storage: Store at 20 to 25 degrees Celsius (68 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit).

Consult the manufacturer's instructions for choice of vehicle, appropriate dilution or volume for dissolving the drugs to be injected, including the route and rate of injection.


Do not use for intravenous injection unless adjusted to approximate isotonicity with a suitable solute.

Hemolysis may occur following infusion of Sterile Water for Injection, USP.  Hemoglobin induced renal failure has been reported following hemolysis.


Do not administer unless solution is clear and seal is intact.

Adverse Reactions

The administration of a suitable admixture of prescribed additives may be associated with adverse reactions because of the solution or the technique of administration including febrile response, infection at the site of injection, venous thrombosis or phlebitis extending from the site of injection, extravasation, and hypervolemia.If an adverse reaction does occur, discontinue the infusion, evaluate the patient, institute appropriate therapeutic countermeasures, and save the remainder of the fluid for examination if deemed necessary.

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Steril WFI, USP

The website was easy to navigate and placing an order was equally easy. The reagent was delivered on promised time and it arrived well packaged and in good condition.

Superb Quality, Absolutely Sterile

I bought 5 units of Mountainside Medical'10ml sterile water for injection. The units are sealed with easy access through a membrane with a syringe. Before each reuse, I take an alcohol pad and wipe down the area before inserting a new sterile syringe. Thus ensures that the sterile water inside is not contaminated in any manner. This was my first of many orders from Mountainside. Thank you Mountainside Medical for making it economical and easy to order your quality medical supplies.


Getting my stuff was quick and easy, I will use this guys any time

Prompt delivery

I liked the personal touch with the bear on the note card!


Sterile Water

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