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Sting Kill Anesthetic Pain Swabs Instant Pain + Itch Relief From Bee Stings and Bug Bites, 5/Pack

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Sting Kill External Anesthetic Swabs are a disposable topical swab used to relieve pain and itching caused from bee, insect and jellyfish stings. Sting Kill Swabs contain benzocaine 20% that quickly reduce pain and menthol 1% reduces the itching sensation.

  • INSTANT PAIN RELIEF + ITCH RELIEF: Sting-Kill's unique formula provides instant relief from pain and itch from bee stings, wasp stings, mosquito bites, jellyfish stings and bites from chiggers, black flies, ants and spiders.
  • MAXIMUM STRENGTH BUG BITE RELIEF: Our concentrated, over-the-counter insect bite treatment combines benzocaine and menthol to instantly cool and relieve pain + itch.
  • #1 PHARMACIST RECOMMENDED, FAMILY FRIENDLY: Sting-Kill's sanitary single-use after bite swabs work quickly and are safe for adults and children ages 2 and up. They're also non-staining and non-greasy.
  • FIRST AID KIT MUST-HAVE: These versatile, easy-to-use swabs are a great addition to your first aid kit at home, as well as in your car and vacation bags.
  • FOR THE GREAT OUTDOORS AND DEEP WOODS: Our conveniently packable swabs are great for backyard barbecues, camping, hiking and fishing trips. Keep them next to your bug spray and bug repellent for fast relief when you need it most.


(Per ampule) Benzocaine USP 20%, Menthol USP 1%, FD&C Blue #1, FD&C Yellow #5, Isopropyl Alcohol 15%, PEG-8, Water



(Adults and children 2 years and older) Apply to the affected area as often as needed but not more than 4 times daily. (Bee Stings Only: Remove stinger before treatment). Remove strip of swabs from card. Pop individual swab through paper backing. Pop the inner casing by squeezing firmly. Hold swab so that Sting-Kill formula saturates applicator tip.


Brand: Emerson Healthcare

UPC: 030103050008

Size: 1/2cc x 5 swabs

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