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ThermaCare Menstrual HeatWraps 3/Box


$ 8.25 $ 12.95

ThermaCare Menstrual Heatwraps provides up to 8 hours of soothing heat to help relax muscle contractions and relieve menstrual cramps and back aches. These heat wraps feature a convenient ultra-thin design so they can comfortably and discretely be worn underneath clothing while the user continues on with their day-to-day activities.

 Key Features:

  1. Soothing heat therapy
  2. Relieves minor menstrual cramps and backaches
  3. Can be worn for up to 8 hours
  4. Discrete and can be worn underneath clothing
  5. Can be used on the go or while relaxing
  6. 3 per box
  7. Sold by the box


Brand: Pfizer Cons Healthcare No Post

Product Number(s): RDC10029882

Relieve menstrual symptoms with soothing warmth today! Shop online or call 1-888-687-4334 for assistance from a Medical Supply Professional.

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