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Uro-Bond III Silicone Skin Adhesive 1.5 oz

by Urocare
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Uro-Bond III Silicone Skin Adhesive 1.5 oz is a brush-on liquid adhesive designed to secure male external catheters, prosthetics, tracheostomy devices, toupees and more! Uro-Bond III features great adhesion properties that are unnaffected by moisture, body temperature changes and time.


Uro-Bond III Silicone Skin Adhesive 1.5 oz Features

  1. Transparent, silicone based formula
  2. Adheres to many surfaces including other silicones
  3. Water and perspiration resistant
  4. Unaffected by body normal temperature changes
  5. Flammable - keep away from flames
  6. Brush applicator
  7. Latex free

Uro-Bond III Adheres to...

  1. Skin
  2. Metals
  3. Glass
  4. Paper
  5. Fabric
  6. Plastics
  7. Silicone
  8. Organic rubber products
  9. and more!

Great for securing male catheters, electrodes and ostomy pouches to the skin, Uro-Bond III Silicone Skin Adhesive 1.5 oz is easy to apply and great for a variety of medical applications. It is latex free for enhanced safety and is easy to apply with the simple brush applicator.


Order your Uro-Bond III Silicone Skin Adhesive 1.5 oz online today! Or call 1-888-687-4334 for more information from our helpful Medical Supply Specialists.

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