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Pfizer Lidocaine 2% for Injection 20mL Multi-Dose, 25/tray (Rx)

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Pfizer Lidocaine 2% for Injection is a local anesthetic that works by blocking nerve impulses in the area where it is injected. This medication is used to numb an area before a medical procedure or surgery. Lidocaine 2% for Injection may also be used for other purposes not listed in this medication guide.

Lidocaine hydochloride 2% Injection 50mL Vial is local anesthetic and is used during surgeries, pregnancies, and general dental work. Each lidocaine hydochloride 2% vial slowly reduces the of pain signals to the brain and eventually numbs the area you’re targeting.

Benefits of Pfizer Lidocaine 2% for Injection

  • Quick relief: Since Lidocaine 2% for Injection is administered directly into the affected area, it works quickly to alleviate pain and discomfort.
  • Variety of uses: This particular preparation of Lidocaine is effective for a multitude of applications, from the management of post-operative pain to allergy testing and minor nerve block procedures.
  • Easy to administer: Since Pfizer's Lidocaine 2% for Injection is available pre-measured in a ready-to-administer package, it is simple and straightforward to administer.
  • Sterile preparation: This formulation of Lidocaine is carefully prepared in a sterile environment under pharmaceutical aseptic conditions to ensure a safe injection experience for the patient.
  • Reliability: Patients can depend on the reliability and consistent quality of Pfizer's Lidocaine 2% Injection to deliver superior relief.
  • Low risk: Unlike other types of anesthetics, Lidocaine 2% for Injection poses a lower risk of side effects and drug interactions.
  • Effective relief: Pfizer's Lidocaine 2% Injection is designed to deliver fast-acting and effective relief from pain and discomfort.

Instructions on How to Use Pfizer Lidocaine 2% for Injection:

  • 1. Ensure that you sanitize hands prior to use.
  • 2. Confirm the correct dosage and frequency of injections according to your physician's instructions.
  • 3. Visually inspect the lidocaine 2% solution in the package you are about to use. Do not use the solution if it appears coloured and/or has particles floating in it.
  • 4. Draw the appropriate volume into a syringe before injection.
  • 5. Administer the injection using asprin flush technique—slowly push the plunger so that the lidocaine is washed into the tissue and not blocked off in small pockets or relatively stagnant pools.
  • 6. Immediately after injection, throw away syringe and solution packaging.
  • 7. Follow your physician's instructions regarding frequency and dosage.

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Pfizer Lidocaine 2% for Injection 20mL Multi-Dose, 25/tray (Rx)

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Great Service

Easy ordering and delivery promptly. You are the first company that worked with that is dependable and efficient.

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Available lidocaine

I was looking for injectable lidocaine and every website kept informing me on backorder. I was pleased to place my order with mountain side. The delivery was fast and the price was right.

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2% Lidocaine

Great customer service and competative pricing.