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Argyle Salem Sump Tube 18 Fr. with 5-In-1 Connector


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Argyle Salem Sump Tube is a nasogastric tube used to suction, decompress, irrigate and deliver medication to the stomach of your enteral patients. Made with a flexible silicone material, this sump tube is designed for longevity and ease of use for both you and the patient. The sterile tubing is DEHP free for your patient’s safety, x-ray opauque for clear identification on films, and it features a dual lumen system that can be closed to prevent leakage during periods of inactivity or patient transportation.


Sump Tube Features:

  • For suction, decompression, irrigation and medication delivery to the stomach
  • Provides optimal comfort and protection
  • Flexible Sentinal Eye silicone tubing
  • Can dwell up to 30 days with proper care and maintenance
  • X-ray opaque Sentinal Line Removable 5-in-1 connector
  • Double lumen – one for suction drainage, one for venting action
  • Lumen capping system
  •  Sump vent lumen can also be used for irrigation
  • Sterile
  • DEHP free
  • 48" in length, 18Fr


What are the benefits of using a flexible, silicone DEHP-free NG tube?

One huge benefit is that the material is safer and more comfortable to use on patients that might be sensitive or react to DEHP (a chemical used to soften plastic that the FDA has warned to be harmful to infants). More flexible tubing, means more patient comfort, and this is what silicone provides you. It is longer lasting and more flexible than PVC tubing. You may have to advance the tube more slowly than with stiffer NG tubes, but in the end, this tube is more durable, and can dwell inside for an extended period of time, and your patient will appreciate it more.


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