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Tranquility Bariatric Adult Diaper 32/Case


$ 59.00 $ 74.95

Bariatric Adult Diapers are a extra-large, super absorbent adult brief (diaper) that can hold up to 37 ounces of fluid. The waist can adjust from 64 to 90" around. Tranquility diaper is one of the biggest diapers on the market. This disposable bariatric adult diaper is breathable and allows air to pass through it. The stretchy, side panels fit comfortably up to a 90" waist. Tranquility 2190, 32 Disposable Diapers per case (4 bags of 8).

    • Superior absorbency
    • Protection without compromising skin safety
    • Waist adjusts from 64 to 90"

      Note: As of October of 2010 The Tranquility Bariatric Diaper has been improved. The Tranquility Bariatric Diaper / Brief has now strengthened the "bonded seal" of the comfortable side-panels. The new sealing process provides twice the bond strength for a better hold when the product is in use on the wearer. Also the "tack-down points" on the side panels which are designed to assure that the side panels stay aligned and are folded together tightly to make it easier to apply the diaper. One can easily tuck the entire folded side panel under the individual first and then fully extend it with a firm pull. This makes the job of the caregiver less labor-intensive and more effective for the user.

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