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Baseline Skinfold Body Fat Measuring Caliper with Case


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The Baseline Skinfold Body Fat Measuring Caliper is an inexpensive way to measure your body fat. It can measure up to 60mm of skin and the large display is easy to read. Floating tips ensure accuracy and credible results. Carrying case included.



  • - 60mm scale
  • - Book and tables  
  • - Made of aluminum
  • - Large display is easy to read    
  • - Measuring arms have floating tips to ensure accuracy
  • - Indented finger holders to make it easier to handle  


Ideal Uses:

  • - Body fat
  • - Nutritionist   
  • - Hospitals  


Instructions for use:

Pinch your fat, measure it with the caliper, and record your results. 

Manufacturer:   Fabrication Enterprises

Product # 12-1110


To order a Baseline Skinfold Caliper today, dial 1-888-687-4334 and speak with a friendly customer service rep. 

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