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BD 367921 Vacutainer Fluoride Blood Collection Tubes 2 mL with Hemogard Closure 13mm x 75mm, 100/box

by BD
$ 42.00
SKU 367921
BD 367921 Vacutainer Fluoride Blood Collection Tubes 2 mL with Hemogard Closure 13mm x 75mm with glycolytic inhibitor, 5.0 mg sodium fluoride, 4.0 mg potassium oxalate. The prepared plastic tubes are used for blood serum collection for testing and screening. In comparison to glass tube material, these plastic tubes are safer to handle since it's virtually break-resistant. This preserves the sample but also protects healthcare and laboratory workers from exposure to bloodborne pathogens.

BD Vacutainer SST Tubes Intended Uses

BD Vacutainer SST Tubes are intended for collecting specimen in physician laboratories and/or remote station and require transport to a laboratory for serum determinations and analysis for the following:

  • Chemistry Testing
  • Blood Donor Screening
  • Infectious Disease Testing

The Purpose of the Silica Coating & Polymer Gel

SST Tubes are sterile and contain a spray-coated silica and polymer gel additive. The gel is used to separate the serum to maintain the quality of the sample while in transport. Silica particles coat the tube and make the inside walls appear cloudy. These particles are the clot activator. It is recommended to invert the tube after filling to ensure the sample is adequately mixed with the clot activator for optimal performance.

Closure Types/Color

This SST Blood Tube is available in a conventional tube stopper (color-coded Grey).

Features and Benefits:

  • Color-Coded Stopper/Closure
  • Break-Resistant Plastic Tube
  • Safe and Efficient
  • Decreases Turnaround Time
  • Tube Specifically Prepared for Serum Determination


  • Manufacturer: (BD) Becton Dickinson
  • Tube Material: Plastic
  • Tube Type: Serum Tube
  • Coating: Silicone
  • Additive: Gel Separator/Clot Activator
  • Label Type: Paper
  • Sterile: Yes

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