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BD ESwab™ Specimen Collection and Transport System Sterile

by BD
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SKU 220245

A BD ESwab™ Specimen Collection and Transport System Sterile is a medical device used for collecting and transporting bacterial and viral samples from various anatomical sites, such as the nose, throat, and wound. The swab is designed to eliminate the need for multiple swabs and transport tubes, reducing the risk of contamination and cross-contamination. The system also includes a liquid-based medium that helps preserve the integrity and viability of the collected samples during transport to the laboratory for testing. The sterile nature of the system ensures that the collected samples are free from any contamination and are suitable for accurate and reliable laboratory analysis.

How to use BD ESwab™ Specimen Collection and Transport System:

1. Gather materials: You will need the BD ESwab™ collection and transport system, gloves, and a paper bag or specimen transport bag.
2. Wash your hands: Before beginning, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water.
3. Open the package: Open the package of the BD ESwab™ system and remove the cap from the tube to expose the transport medium.
4. Collect the sample: Depending on the type of specimen you are collecting, use the appropriate method for obtaining the sample. For example, for a throat swab, gently rub the swab on the back of the throat and tonsils. For a nasal swab, insert the swab into the nostril and rotate for a few seconds. Make sure to follow any specific collection instructions provided.
5. Insert sample into transport medium: After collecting the sample, insert the swab into the transport medium in the tube. Rotate the swab several times while pushing against the side of the tube to ensure that as much of the sample as possible is released into the medium.
6. Break off the swab: While the swab is still in the tube, break off the top half of the swab by bending it at the score line. Discard the top portion and put the remaining swab back into the tube.
7. Close the tube: Close the tube tightly with the cap. Make sure it is securely closed to prevent any leakage during transport.
8. Label the specimen: Using a waterproof or permanent marker, label the tube clearly with the patient's name, date of birth, and other required identifying information.
9. Prepare for transport: Place the labeled tube into the provided plastic bag or transport container. If using a specimen transport bag, make sure to include the completed requisition form with the specimen.
10. Wash your hands: After completing the collection, thoroughly wash your hands again with soap and warm water.
11. Transport the specimen: BD ESwab™ specimens can be safely transported at room temperature and do not require refrigeration or other special handling.

Note: Always follow any specific instructions from your healthcare provider or laboratory for proper use and handling of the BD ESwab™ collection and transport system.

Manufacturer # 220245
Brand ESwab™
Manufacturer BD
Country of Origin United States
Additive Liquid Amies Medium Additive
Application Specimen Collection and Transport System
Closure Type Screw Cap
Color Translucent with White Cap
Is_Active_Vendor Y
Is_Discontinued N
Is_Medical_Device N
Lot_Tracking_Flag N
Material Plastic Shaft / Nylon Swab
Number per Pack 1 Per Pack
On_Allocation N
Product Dating McKesson Acceptable Dating: we will ship >= 60 days
Sterility Sterile
Supplier_ID 488246
Tip Type Flocked Swab Tip
UNSPSC Code 41104116
Volume 1 mL


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