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BD Vacutainer Plus Venous Blood Collection Tubes Serum with Clot Activator, 6 mL Red BD Hemogard Closure, 100/Box

by BD
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367815 BD Vacutainer® Plus Venous Blood Collection Tube Serum Tube Clot Activator 13 X 100 mm 6 mL Red BD Hemogard™ Closure Plastic Tube. BD Vacutainer Rapid Serum Tube (RST) Blood Collection Tube is a single use tube used to collect, separate, transport and process venous blood specimens to obtain serum for chemistry determinations for in vitro diagnostic use. It is used in settings where a venous blood sample is collected by a trained healthcare worker.

BD Vacutainer RST Tube is a 13x100mm, 5.0 mL, plastic evacuated tube with an orange BD Hemogard™ Closure. The interior of the tube wall is coated with thrombin to promote rapid clotting. The tube contains a gel barrier polymer at the tube bottom. The density of this material causes it to move upward during centrifugation to the serum-clot interface, where it forms a barrier separating serum from the clot. Serum may be aspirated directly from the collection tube, eliminating the need to transfer to another container. The tube interior is sterile and the product is for single use only. See Instructions For Use, Analytic Equivalency, Limitations of System, Cautions and Warnings



Open barrier bag using the tear notch on either right or left side of bag.

  1. Prepare venipuncture site with an appropriate antiseptic. Use your institution’s recommended procedure for standard venipuncture technique and sample collection.
  2. Remove needle shield.
  3. Perform venipuncture.
  4. Place tube in holder and push tube forward until tube stopper has been penetrated.
  5. Release tourniquet as soon as blood appears in tube.
  6. Wait until tube has filled to its stated volume and blood flow ceases.
  7. Pull tube off needle inside holder.
  8. Remove tube from holder.
  9. Mix immediately and gently 5 to 6 times by inverting the tube. One inversion is turning the tube upside-down and returning it to its upright position.
  1. Allow blood to clot for 5 minutes between 23° and 27°C (73-81°F).
  2. Centrifuge tubes at 1500 – 2000g for 10 minutes, at 2000g for 4 minutes, or at 4000g for 3 minutes between 23° and 27°C (73-81°F).

Tubes may also be centrifuged at alternate conditions as validated by the laboratory.

Note: Always follow your facility’s protocol for order of draw.


  1. Grasp the tube with one hand, placing the thumb under the BD Hemogard™ Closure (for added stability, place arm on a solid surface). With

the other hand, twist the BD Hemogard™ Closure while simultaneously pushing up with the thumb of the other hand ONLY UNTIL THE TUBE STOPPER IS LOOSENED.

  1. Move thumb away before lifting closure. DO NOT use thumb to push closure off the tube. If the tube contains blood, an exposure hazard exists.

To help prevent injury during removal, it is important that the thumb used to push upward on the closure be removed from contact

with the tube as soon as the BD Hemogard™ Closure is loosened.

  1. Lift closure off tube. In the unlikely event of the plastic shield separating from the rubber stopper, DO NOT REASSEMBLE CLOSURE. Carefully remove rubber stopper from tube


Manufacturer # 367815
Brand BD Vacutainer® Plus
Manufacturer BD
Additive Clot Activator
Application Venous Blood Collection Tube
Closure Type BD Hemogard™ Closure
Coating Silicone Coated Tube
Color Code Red
Dimensions 13 X 100 mm
Material Plastic Tube
Sterility Sterile
Tube Color Clear Tube
Type Serum Tube
UNSPSC Code 41104107
Volume 6 mL



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