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Cavilon 3-in-1 Incontinence Care Lotion 8 oz Spray Bottle


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One-Step Incontinence Care Lotion is a cleanser, moisturizer and a skin barrier all in one convenient lotion. This pH balanced lotion comes in an 8oz spray bottle, is easy to use, gentle on skin, and saves caregiver time, effort and resources.


Why stick to the old 3-step routine, when Cavilon lotion does it all in one?

Incontinence patient caregivers can greatly benefit this multipurpose lotion. It doesn’t just moisturize, it actually cleans the skin and provides a protective barrier layer onto the skin all in one simple step. It will clean urine, stool and body fluids from the skin, and is even great for bathing when the skin is fragile, or at risk. This one-step skin care product is gentle on skin, easy to use and will save you and your facility in valuable time, effort and resources. Cavilon 3-In-1 Lotion is so convenient that patient’s love it too!



  • Incontinence skin care
  • Cleaning urine, stool and body fluids from skin
  • Bathing when skin is fragile or at risk


Cavilon One-Step Lotion Features:

  • No-rinse skin cleanser, moisturizer and barrier
  • Combines 3 steps into one simple step
  • Saves caregiver time, effort and resources
  • Gentle on skin
  • Easy to use
  • Convenient
  • pH balanced
  • 8 ounce spray bottle

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