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Urine & Stool Specimen Collection Pan, Nurses Hat

by Dynarex
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Collection urine and stool specimen samples for urinalysis testing from patients with the graduated collector container. Also known as a Nurse's Hat, the Specimen Collector can be used inside toilets to collection urine and stool samples to screen for cancer, diabetes and other medical illnesses. This urine collection pan has printed graduations measured in ounces and ml's. Specimen Collector Pans (also known as nurses hats) securely in all standard toilets and commodes, the winged-edges on these specimen collectors facilitate application, handling and removal. Quick visualization and measurement of specimens are easily achieved while the large capacity helps reduce the risk of spills. A handy pour spout permits specimens to be discarded quickly and safely.

Purpose: Diagnose GI disorders include studies of stool, urine, and esophageal, gastric, and peritoneal contents as well as percutaneous liver biopsy.

Urine Tests: Urinalysis provides valuable information about hepatic and biliary function. Urinary bilirubin and urobilinogen tests are commonly used to evaluate liver function.


1. Lift toilet seat in upright position.
2. Place specimen collection pan inside toilet with with end resting on toilet sides, not touching water.
3. Place toilet back down, resting on top specimen collector sides.
4. Exit the room and have patient void in pan.
5. Collect collection pan for specimen sample testing.
6. Discard specimen pan in proper biohazard disposal container.

Medical Audience: Diagnostic testing, Clinics, Hospitals, Drug testing centers.


    • Collects urine for testing
    • Polypropylene and Latex-free
    • Lightweight and easy to use
    • Capacity: 32 oz
    • Dimensions: 13 x 8 x 4 inches

    Application areas: Restroom, Toilets, Commodes


    Buy Specimen Pans, Speci-Hats, Nurses caps, and Specimen Collection Pans online from a set aside SDVOSB Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business medical supplies company like Mountainside Medical Equipment that is certified with the United States Government.

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