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Convatec SensiCare Skin Protective Barrier Cream for Sensitive Skin


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Convatec SensiCare Protective Barrier Cream(Sensicare Cream) adheres to weepy and denuded skin forming a barrier against diaper rash and skin irritation in the perineal area. Sensi-Care Protective Barrier provides extra protection for high-risk skin that is prone to chafing and skin break-down.  An incontinent patient my have excessive moisture that comes from several sources, including urine, liquid stool, and perspiration (when using a pad or Diaper). The risk of skin damage is determined by the volume and frequency of incontinence and by the use of a brief or diaper if it keeps waste material next to the perineal skin. Prolonged exposure to moisture causes saturation and maceration. The skin then loses its natural protective ability or barrier property and no longer protects against irritation from urine or feces. Topical agents, such as Convatec SensiCare Protective Barrier Cream, may be used to protect the skin from the damaging effects of excess moisture. In a study at a clinical research facility, petrolatum (Aloe Vesta Protective Ointment) was shown to be more effective than Dimethicone in protecting the skin from maceration.


Convatec SensiCare Protective Barrier Cream Features

  • 15% Zinc Oxide
  • 49% Petrolatum
  • Formulated to protect sensitive skin
  • Helps prevent irritation due to incontinence
  • 4 oz tube

Convatec SensiCare Protective Barrier Cream product number is 325614

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