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Coverlet Adhesive Dressing Strips

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Coverlet Adhesive Dressing Strips provide secure, all-around protection to your wound. Made with a secure adhesive that is gentile on skin, these bandages have an extra large absorbent wound pad and are made with 100% latex free materials. Available in 2 sizes

If you're looking for a secure adhesive bandage for everyday cuts, scrapes and wounds that will fit perfectly and protect the wound than you've found it. Coverlet dressing strips have adhesive coverage that goes all the way around the padding sealing out dirt and contaminants all the way around your wound. The material is latex free and conforms to your body for safer, more secure coverage that will stay on longer than the average band-aid. Not to mention the pad is able to absorb 10 times it's own weight in fluid quickly for the best possible environment for your wound to heal.


  1. Extra large wound pad
  2. 360° adhesive protection
  3. Pad absorbs 10x's it's weight in water
  4. Fast absorbing
  5. Secure adhesion
  6. Gentile on skin
  7. Latex free

Available In:

  1. 0.75" x 3"
  2. 1" x 3"

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I used to get these bandages before and I could never find them anywhere. I was happy to see them in your product line.