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Urinary Drainage Bag 2000cc Collection Capacity - Bard

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SKU 802001

Bard Davol Urinary Drain Bag is a sterile 2000cc urine collection bag. The Davol Bag has a clear fluid observation tube, sampling and measuring. Made with a functional design that allows it to be easily and securely hung on a hospital bed or a wheelchair, this latex urine bag features an area for simple urine sampling, a sterile fluid path, Bard’s anti-reflux chamber, and it holds up to 2 liters of fluid.

802001 Drainage Bag Features:

  • Easy to hang on a bed frame or wheelchair
  • Sterile fluid path
  • 2000cc capacity
  • Graduated measurements
  • Anti-reflux chamber
  • Plastic hook
  • Easy-to-use urine sampling area
  • Single use
  • Sold by the Each (1)
Manufacture: Bard Medical
Product Number: 802001


What makes this urine drain bag different from other collection bags?

Its design makes it different. Every aspect of it has been well-thought out for functionality down to the very shape of the bag. Its teardrop shape isn’t just for looks – it allows fluid to fill the bag evenly and it makes it easier to empty. The hanger attached to the bag gives it more versatility in placement. Weather your patient is in a wheelchair or in a bed this collection bag can be easily hung wherever your patient needs it to be. Also, this urinary bag features an anti-reflux area to make sure that none of the fluid regurgitates back up through the tubing. Give your patient the best in care with Bard Davol Urine Collection Bag.

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