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Bubble Humidifier 350 mL Unfilled Universal, Salter Labs 7100-5-50

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Salter Labs 350 mL Bubble Humidifier Bottle is a disposable oxygen bottle that adds moisture to the prescription oxygen from a oxygen concentrator This Humidifier Bottle turns dry oxygen into a fine moist mist oxygen. Alarm whistle is added to alert if the bottle accumulates too much pressure. 100% Latex free

    • Turns dry oxygen into a moist mist oxygen
    • 3 psi pressure relief valve
    • Disposable
    • Clear jar/ bottle

      Brand: Salter Labs

      Product number: 7100-5-50

      Dimensions: 3.25 x 7.5 x 3.25 inches

      Directions for Use:

      • 1. Fill the humidifier jar (bottle) to the maximum fill line with sterile, distilled or bottled water. Tightly secure the lid to the jar.
      • 2. Connect the humidifier lid wing nut to the oxygen flowmeter outlet.
      • 3. Attach oxygen tubing (not supplied) to the humidifier lid outlet stem. Be sure all connections ae secure.
      • 4. Turn the oxygen source to the prescribed flow.

      Caution: An alarm whistle from the pressure relief valve will activate if the jar accumulates too much pressure. Inspect the system for excessive blockage or a kinked tube.

      To test the pressure relief valve, occlude oxygen tubing 3 LPM. Listen for an alarm condition.

      Warning: Oxygen supplies of 10 psi or less using low flow (less tha 2 LPM) may affect the audible alarm.

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