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Hand Evaluation Set, Dynamometer, Pinch Gauge & Finger Goniometer


$ 295.00 $ 359.95

Hand Evaluation 3-Piece Instrument Set with dynamometer, pinch gauge & finger goniometer contains everything you need to properly evaluate hand and finger flexion. The set comes in a heavy duty case that is lined with foam to ensure the instrument set doesn’t get damaged.



  • - Hard carrying case included
  • - 200 lb and 50 lb gauges  
  • - 1 year warranty
  • - Made from high quality stainless steel    
  • - The carrying case will protect it if dropped or mishandled
  • - Hydraulic movements make it flow easier and smoother  


Ideal Uses:

  • - Hand therapy
  • - Rehab centers
  • - Physical therapy
  • - Hospitals  
  • Nursing homes  

Instructions for use:

Assemble the set, squeeze as hard as you can, and write down your results.      

Manufacturer:   Fabrication Enterprises  

Product #  12-0101


Find out your exact strength with the Baseline Hand Evaluation Set. To order the set today, dial 1-888-687-4334 and speak with a friendly customer service rep. 

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