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Heavy Duty Suction Machine with Accessories

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Drive Medical Suction Machine is a lightweight, suction pump used to remove secretions from the mouth and throat. This heavy duty suction machine can be used in a professional setting, or for home use. The Heavy Duty Suction Pump is a professional medical suctioning device that produces a vacuum of 0 to 560 mmHg. A 800 ml collection bottle (suction canister) and 6 foot connecting tubing is included.
  • New anti-bacteria filter design helps prevent contamination.
  • High quality vacuum regulator and anti-vibration vacuum gauge setting.
  • Oil-Less, permanent lubrication.
  • Collection bottle with over-flow protection.
  • Superior performance and high reliability for continuous operation design.
  • Easy to carry and clean
  • Includes 800 cc suction canister, 6' suction tube, 10" suction canister tubing, hydrophobic filter, plastic elbow connector and manual
  • Dimensions: 375 (L) x 175 (W) x 250 mm (14.8" x 6.8" x 9.8")
  • Weight: 5.5 kg (12.1 lbs)
  • Maximum Vacuum: 560 +/- mm Hg.
  • Flow Range: 40 LPM.
  • Sound Level: 58 dBA
  • Electrical Requirements: AC 115 V - 60Hz
  • Power Consumption: 70 watts
  • Bacteria Filter pore size: 0.027 microns
  • Collection Bottle Capacity: 800 ml
  • Operating Temperature: 32° ~ 104° F (0° ~ 40° C)
  • Operating Humidity: 95% RH
Set Up this Suction Machine
Connect either end of the connecting tubing to the top of collection bottle connector then connect the other end to the bacteria filter. The patient tubing should be connected to the collection bottle at the outlet labeled (patient). Please assure that all connections are secure and without leaks before using.
Operating this Suction Machine
Before use, check the specification label on the side of the suction unit to ensure that the voltage and current indicated on the unit correspond with the voltage and current available. Make sure the power switch located on the side of the unit is in the "OFF" position before connecting the unit to a power source.
Switch the power switch to "I" position (on), the unit will start running.
Next, adjust the vacuum level from 0 to 560 mm Hg by turning the adjustable vacuum knob (clockwise) to increase suction and counter-clockwise to decrease the level of suction. Refer to the vacuum gauge while setting the desired level of vacuum. To accurately read the gauge, block the patient end of the hose or cap off the collection bottle and allow the gauge to reach a stable vacuum reading.
Place the patient tubing to the appropriate position of patient and start to suck sputum. When the sputum reaches the safe full level of collection bottle (800 cc), the suctioning will stop sucking automatically (float shut-off). Switch the power switch to "O" position (off), to shut off the suction machine motor. Remove the sputum from collection bottle after the motor stops turning completely.
Turn on the unit and start to run the suction machine again.
Your Heavy Duty Suction Machine contains no user-serviceable parts. If you believe your machine is not working properly, before you call us, please check to troubleshooting ideas below.
Problem Action
Unit does not turn on. 1. Check power source and connection.
2. Ensure that the wall outlet is live.
3. Check power cord is not damaged.
Motor runs with no vacuum. 1. Verify tubing connection is on securely.
2. Check for leaks or tubing kinks.
3. Ensure that float shut-off is not activated.
4. Check for bottle leaks and cracks.
Low Vacuum. 1. Use vacuum adjust knob to increase vacuum level.
2. Check system for leaks.
3. Adjust vacuum adjust knob and release.
Cleaning Collection Bottle (Suction Canister)
Turn off the suction machine and allow vacuum to drop, then disconnect AC power source. With the collection bottle still in the holder, remove the collection bottle lid. The bottle can now be taken out of the holder to be emptied.
Note: the collection bottle should be emptied after each use. Wash in a hot water/ dish washing detergent solution and rinse with clean, hot tap water. Then wash with rubbing alcohol and air dry.
Cleaning Suction Machine and Collection Bottle Lid
Disconnect the suction machine from all external power sources. Wipe the suction machine housing and collection bottle lid with clean cloth and any commercial (bacterial-germicidal) disinfectant. Caution, do not submerge in water as this will result in severe damage to the vacuum pump.
Cleaning Suction Connecting Tubing
Disconnect the tubing from the unit. Tubing should be rinsed thoroughly after every use by running hot tap water through it followed by a solution of one part vinegar to three parts hot water. Rinse with hot water and air dry. Keep the outer surface of the tubing clean by wiping with a clean, damp cloth.
The waste in collection bottle (suction canister) may cause respiratory infection which must be handled according to medical waste disposing regulation. Operator must wear disposable gloves and medical class mask before cleaning the collection bottle, tubing and handle the waste unit and/or accessories.

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
dave m. (Sewell, New Jersey, United States)

Great fast service and delivery. Unit works as advertised

Barbara (Allendale, Michigan, United States)
Just what we needed!

My partner has ALS and was having a lot of trouble with saliva/phlegm. This suction machine is perfect! And, Mountainside even upgraded the machine because the one I ordered was backordered — so I got it in 2 days!

Mel (Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada)
Works Great

This suction machine works as stated. Does the job intended.

Tanya T. (Asheboro, North Carolina, United States)
Great service!

Ordered a suction machine for my mom that wasn't in stock, so Mountainside reached out to me and let me know the delay. Ordered another one which came quickly and received refund on the other very quickly. Dedinitely reliable and super helpful. Will use again!!!

Vaan F. (Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States)

Good and consistent suction capability. Able to suction thick mucus’s with ease comfortably.

Philip C. (Laurinburg, North Carolina, United States)

Heavy Duty Suction Machine with Accessories

Cathleen P. (San Jose, California, United States)
Amazing little machine

This is the 2nd heavy duty suction machine we have purchased from Mountainside Medical and they are amazing, + they are Veteran owned and my brother who the machine is for is a disabled Veteran.

Sue K. (Olathe, Kansas, United States)
Good little machine

This suction machine was simple to use, has adequate suction for throat secretions, and is relatively quiet. I appreciate the recommendation by the Mountainside Medical Equipment adviser when the original machine I ordered was back-ordered. Universal tubing worked well with it.

Alexine G. (Chicago, Illinois, United States)
Suction machine

It works pretty good, although it’s very loud, and the container cup just vibrates as long as it’s on. So noisy.