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Multiple Casualty Simulation Kit


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The Multiple Casualty Simulation Kit is a 41 piece kit designed for intermediate and advanced first aid training courses.

One of the best ways to bridge the gap between the classroom and real life emergency situations is to use a realistic medical training aid like the Multiple Casualty Simulation kit. This kit provides you with the most commonly found injuries and wounds, so that students will be better able to recognize and treat patients in the real world. The BoundTree Medical casualty kit includes 41 pieces for creating amputations, fractureas, sucking chest wounds, assorted lacerations, and much, much more. Use a wound simulation kit that will bring your students as close to life as possible with the Multiple Casualty Simulation Kit

Teaches students to recognize and treat commonly found injuries and wounds

Ideal for intermediate and advanced first aid training courses


Casualty Simulation Kit 816 Includes:

  • 1 Open amputation
  • 1 Compound fracture of tibia
  • 1 Fracture of humerus
  • 1 Sucking wound of chest
  • 1 Wound of palm
  •  1 Bottle makeup blood
  • 1 Powder thickener
  • 2 Pks blood powder
  • 24 assorted lacerations
  • 1 Casualty simulation wax
  • 1 Pk broken plexiglass
  • 1 Each grease paint, 4 colors
  • 4 Reservoirs & pumps assembled


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