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Phospha 250 Neutral Tablets (100 Count) (Rx)

$ 42.00
SKU 64980-0104-01
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Phospha 250 Neutral Tablets Supplies 250 mg of phosphorus per tablet.

Phosphorus has a number of important functions in the biochemistry of the body. The bulk of the body's phosphorus is located in the bones, where it plays a key role in osteoblastic and osteoclastic activities. Enzymatically catalyzed phosphate-transfer reactions are numerous and vital in the metabolism of carbohydrate, lipid and protein, and a proper concentration of the anion is of primary importance in assuring an orderly biochemical sequence. ln addition, phosphorus plays an important role in modifying steady-state tissue concentrations of calcium. Phosphate ions are important buffers of the intracellular fluid, and also play a primary role in the renal excretion of the hydrogen ion.

Oral administration of inorganic phosphates increases serum phosphate levels. Phosphates lower urinary calcium levels in idiopathic hypercalciuria.

Each tablet contains 852 mg dibasic sodium phosphate anhydrous, 155 mg monobasic potassium phosphate, and 130 mg monobasic sodium phosphate monohydrate. Each tablet yields approximately 250 mg of phosphorus, 298 mg of sodium (13.0 mEq) and 45 mg of potassium (1 .1 mEq)


Purified Water, Lactose Monohydrate, Sodium Starch Glycolate, Polyvinyl Pyrrolidone, Magnesium Stearate, Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, Polyethylene Glycol 400, Titanium dioxide.

Drug Interactions:
The use of antacids containing
magnesium, aluminum, or calcium in conjunction with
phosphate preparations may bind the phosphate and
prevent its absorption. Concurrent use of antihypertensives,
especially diazoxide, guanethidine, hydralazine, methyldopa,
or rauwolfia alkaloid; or corticosteroids, especially
mineralocorticoids or corticotropin with sodium phosphate
may result in hypernatremia. Calcium-containing
preparations and/or Vitamin D may antagonize the effects
of phosphates in the treatment of hypercalcemia.
Potassium-containing medication or potassium-sparing
diuretics may cause hyperkalemia. Patients should have
serum potassium level determinations at periodic intervals.
Carcinogenesis, Mutagenesis, Impairment of Fertility:
long term or reproduction studies in animals or humans
have been performed with PHOSPHA 250
evaluate its carcinogenic, mutagenic, or impairment of
fertility potential.
Teratogenic Effects. Pregnancy Class C. Animal
reproduction studies have not been conducted with
NEUTRAL. It is also not known whether
this product can cause fetal harm when administered to a
pregnant woman or can affect reproductive capacity.
This product should be given to a pregnant woman only if
clearly needed.
Nursing Mothers:
It is not known whether this drug is
excreted in human milk. Because many drugs are excreted
in human milk, caution should be exercised when this
product is administered to a nursing woman.
Gastrointestinal upset (diarrhea, nausea, stomach pain, and
vomiting) may occur with phosphate therapy. Also, bone
and joint pain (possible phosphate-induced osteomalacia)
could occur. The following adverse effects may be observed
(primarily from sodium or potassium): headaches;
dizziness; mental confusion; seizures; weakness or
heaviness of legs; unusual tiredness or weakness; muscle
cramps; numbness, tingling, pain or weakness of hands or
feet; numbness or tingling around lips; fast or irregular
heartbeat; shortness of breath or troubled breathing;
swelling of feet or lower legs; unusual weight gain; low
urine output; unusual thirst.
NEUTRAL tablets should be taken with a
full glass of water, with meals and at bedtime.
One or two tablets, four times daily;
Pediatric patients over 4 years of age:
One tablet four
times daily.
Pediatric Patients under 4 years of age:
Use only as
directed by physician.
White, film-coated, capsule-shaped tablet, debossed with
RIS 104 on each tablet.
NDC # 64980-104-01
Bottles of 100 tablets

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