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Sekisui OSOM Influenza A&B Test Kit 25/Box


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OSOM Influenza A & B Test Kit is a nasal swab testing kit. OSOM Influenza Test is a specimen swab system used to detect symptom traces on group A and B influenza (flu) virus infections in the nasal airways. 25 tests per kit.


  1. -  Time-saving steps
  2. -  10 minute rapid results
  3. -  Detects A & B influenza
  4. -  Nasal swab application

The OSOM Influenza (flu) testing kit is easy-to-use and delivers rapid results in just 10 minutes. This Influenza test is one of the top-selling flu testing kits in the United States and is manufactured by the trusted Genzyme Company that have been established since 1981. Genzyme manufactures clinical testing products for more than 100 countries around the world.

Influenza effects thousands of Americans each year

Along with the common cold, influenza is the most popular acute respiratory infection that effects more than 1 million Americans each year. 10 to 20% of the United States population is infected by influenza yearly and more than 110,000 people are hospitalized, resulting in 10,000 to 40,000 deaths each year.


Influenza Symptoms

Influenza (seasonal flu) symptoms start with a light fever, headache, chills, dry cough and body aches. Having the flu is no fun, the first few days are usually the worst and after the third day symptoms start to ease up. Influenza A virus is typically more serious and is usually associated with larger seasonal epidemic outbreaks, while Influenza B infections usually present more mild symptoms. Influenza is highly contagious, with quick diagnosis and prompt treatment the seasonal flu can be controlled.

Influenza Kit Includes

  1. 25 Test Sticks
  2. 25 Test Tubes
  3. 25 Test Swabs
  4. 1 Extraction Buffer vial (12 mL (20mM phosphate buffered salt solution (pH7.6), 0.25% protein stabilizer, 0.6% detergent and 0.09% sodium azide as a preservative)
  5. 1 Extraction Buffer dropper top
  6. 1 Influenza A Positive Control Swab (packaged with a desiccant tablet)
  7. 1 Influenza B Positive Control Swab (packaged with a desiccant tablet)
  8. 1 Directional Insert
  9. 1 Procedure/ Result Interpretation Guide
  10. 1 Workstation

Note - Two extra test sticks have been added in the kit for external QC testing. In addition, extra components (swabs, tubes) have been added for your convenience.

Genzyme Re-order information

GEN-190 (25 tests)

GEN-191 (A & B Positive Control Kit)

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