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Senna Vegetable Laxative Tablets


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Senna Vegetable Laxative tablets provide gentle constipation relief. Made from a natural vegetable laxative, these tablets come with or without a stool softener, and start working within 6-12 hours. Senna and Senna Plus available. Comparable to Senokot® and Senokot-S®.


For gentle, predictable constipation relief, try Senna vegetable laxative tablets. Major Pharmaceuticals, a leader in generic products, has a Senna laxative that gives you the same great product as Senokot® or Senokot-S®, but at a lower price. Senna is a natural vegetable laxative that helps relieve occasional constipation and irregularity. These tablets are also available in Senna Plus, which includes a stool softener to help make bowel movements easier.

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