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Silver Nitrate Solution 0.5%


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Teva Silver nitrate solution 0.5% solution of silver nitrate in a water medium used as a topical anti-infective. Used by healthcare professionals for different types of advanced wound care applications.

WARNINGS: When ingested, silver nitrate is highly toxic to

the gastrointestinal tract and central nervous system.

Swallowing can cause severe gastroenteritis that may end

fatally. Sodium chloride may be used by gastric lavage to

remove the chemical. Caustic and irritating to the skin and

mucous membranes.

PRECAUTIONS: Silver nitrate solution must be handled carefully,
since it tends to stain the skin, utensils, clothing and linens.

DOSAGE: Topical as directed by the physician.

Size: 960 mL (32 fl oz)

NDC: 00093-9614-13

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