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⛰️ FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS $100 OR MORE ⛰️ Toll Free: 1-888-687-4334

Sterile Suturing Tray

$ 9.35

Suturing Tray is a sterile skin suture kit. Complete with instruments and disposable supplies. This sterile tray includes a fenestrated drape, a 13” x 19” towel, a Webster needle holder, Iris curved scissors, 1” x 2” Adson tissue forceps, a Mosquito curved hemostat, 6 gauze sponges, a three-compartment tray, and a 20” x 20” CSR wrap.

Having a tray nearby that is specifically designed for routine procedures that your facility frequently performs, like wound suturing, is not only cost-effective and time saving, but it also helps create more quality care for your patient. Fully equipped with draping, gauze for the wound, forceps and a needle holder, this kit will help you suture your patient in a quicker, more efficient way. You won’t have to sift through supplies finding the right type of scissors, or hemostat and it comes complete with a three compartment tray that will hold your supplies or anything else you will need during this procedure.


  • Cost-effective and time-saving
  • Sterile
  • Sold by the Tray

Suture Kit includes:

  • (1) Drape, fenestrated
  • (1) Towel, 13'' x 19''
  • (1) Needle holder, Webster
  • (1) Scissors, Iris, curved
  • (1) Forceps, Adson Tissue 1'' x 2''
  • (1) Hemostat, Mosquito, curved
  • (6) Gauze sponges, 4'' x 4'', 12-ply
  • (1) Tray, three compartment
  • (1) CSR wrap, 20'' x 20''

Great for:

  • Busy hospitals
  • Family practices
  • Emergency responders

and more...

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