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Urine Specimen Collection Cup, Sterile

by Dynarex
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Urine specimen collection cups are used for the collection of urine specimens for laboratory analysis. They are typically made of plastic or glass and have a wide mouth for easy insertion of the specimen. Some cups have a built-in specimen filter to prevent particulate matter from entering the cup. Specimen Cup is a sterile high-density polyethylene plastic cup and screw-on sealing cap used for urine, blood, and semen sample testing. Individually wrapped urine collection cup packed sterile with spill-proof screw top cap. Security seal on cap and cup to prevent any tampering. Outer label for patient sample identification of date, room number, patient name, doctor, and type of specimen testing for fertility quality testing.

  •     High density polyethylene cup
  •     Tamper-evident seal
  •     Graduated markings
  •     Spill-proof lid
  •     Label included
  •     Sterile
  •     4 oz capacity
  •     Screw cap

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Thomas J.C.
Outstanding Customer Support

When my order was delivered, it went to the wrong address (I somehow had it wrong in my account profile). I contacted you and Greg Gonyea work to trace the order, then, when USPS did not respond, sent a new set.

The product is good but the support from Greg Gonyea was outstanding.