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Ultrasonic Nebulizer Machines

Ultrasonic Nebulizer Machines are electrically driven and use high-frequency vibrations to break up surface water into particles. The resultant dense mist works to penetrate smaller airways and is useful for hydrating secretions, which induces a cough and sputum (mixture of saliva and mucus). The aerosol mist can be delivered to the patient via mist nebulizer mask, nebulizer mouthpiece, face tent, or tracheostomy collar. Some ultrasonic nebulizers can also aerosolize medications, but this delivery system hasn't resulted in a demonstrably better clinical response to medication than a standard jet nebulizer.
Standard precautions for body fluid isolation should be used for all patients on nebulizer therapy. Special droplet precautions should be implemented for patients with known or suspected tuberculosis, including enclosing and containing aerosol administration and filtering aerosols that bypass or are exhaled by the patient.