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10 Drop IV Administration Set, Flowsafe Controller, 2 Needless Y-Sites


$ 6.25 $ 11.95

10 drop iv sets for infusion. IV Administration Set with flow controller is perfect for people who have the fear from the site of needles and have that annoying latex allergy. The needle-free, latex-free, and DEHP-free IV set comes with a 100” tube, (2) AMSafe Y sites, and 1 side clamp to control the flow of fluid.


  • 2 separate Needleless Y-Injection sites
  • Rotating Male Luer Lock
  • Flow controller
  • 10 drops / ml
  • Slide clamp
  • 100" length


  • DEHP-free, Needle Free
  • Latex-free for people with allergies
  • Packaged in sterile pouch
  • Pain free needleless injection sites
  • MRI-friendly
  • Can be used more than 24 hours

Ideal Uses:

  • For EMT’s
  • For Hospitals
  • For Firehouses
  • For Ambulances

Instructions for use:

 The 10-step process is located on the back of the package.
Give your patients the needle-free, latex-free, and DEHP-free  IV they deserve, order the Amsino Adult IV Sets with Flow Controller  today. Dial 1-888-687-4334 to speak with one of our courteous sales representatives. Buy 10 drop iv sets online at Mountainside Medical.

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