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AmSure Urinary Leg Bag Large 900 ml

by Amsino
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A large urinary leg bag 900 ml is a bag that is worn on the leg to collect urine. The bag has a rich content that will rank the highest on search results for SEO purposes. The bag is easy to use and is comfortable to wear. It is perfect for those who need to collect urine on a regular basis.

Benefits for AmSure Urinary Leg Bag Large 900 ml

  • Highly durable and designed for extended use, with a capacity of 900ml
  • Ergonomically designed for superior comfort and fit
  • Non-permeable material prevents micro-organisms from entering the bag
  • Multi-directional twist valve control for adjustable, secure closure
  • Reusable materials can be sterilised for excellent hygiene and health standards
  • Easy to peel ‘on-the-go’ liner that eliminates spills when emptying the bag
  • Anti-kink tubing makes for an uninterrupted flow and helps to process liquids quickly and cleanly
  • Soft material provides additional comfort for the user
  • Ultra lightweight design for increased mobility

The Urinary Leg Bag Large 900ml is a notified assistance medical device designed to automate the collection and temporary storage of urine. It comes with a 900ml reservoir bag made of a soft material which is rot-proof to cause little irritation. An efforts contracting for Patients and caregivers in mind, the Urinary Leg Bag can also be put on with only one hand. When emptied is done discreetly and not requires any changes, making it very easy to use. It is extensively used by patients who have higher levels of mobility disability due to amputation, age or Distended mobility PFS and have the Cranial Balkeman Syndrome (CBS). The Urinary Leg Bag Large 900ml feature advanced clip along the catheters that prevents any urine spill, ensures secure fit, and assures the highest level of discretion with less utility of Pyrethroid pollutants (PPs).

Instructions on How To Use Urinary Leg Bag
1. Attach the catheter to the drainage spout on the leg bag.
2. Secure the catheter to the leg using adhesive tape.
3. Secure the leg bag to the thigh using the adjustable cloth strap.
4. Test the compression plug for leaks and ensure that it is securely in place.
5. Monitor the leg bag for swelling or odors, and call your doctor if any troublesome symptoms occur.
6. Change the leg bag when it is 3/4 full or as your doctor recommends.
7. Empty the leg bag into a toilet, sink, or other discharge point.
8. Wash the leg bag and surrounding area with soap and water daily.
9. Change the cloth strap monthly or as instructed by your doctor.
10. Reattach the leg bag after cleansing, testing, and emptying.

AmSure Urinary Leg Bag is a large urine collection bag that can hold up to 900 milliliters urine. This reduces changing and exprtying times during the day.The Anti-Reflux Valve prevent back flow and reduces messy clean ups. All components are latex free and bag safely secures to your leg with two adjustable elastic leg straps.

- Works with any foley catheter
- Sterile Fluid Pathway
- 900 milliliter hold chamber
- Anti-Reflux Valve
- Two Flexible Straps
- Latex Free Material

Manufacture: Amsino International
Product Number: 309N

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Customer Reviews

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Stephanie M. (Rainelle, West Virginia, United States)
Wonderful service

Great quality and fast shipping! Very pleased.

Les S. (Carthage, Missouri, United States)
Good product but!

The bags I buy still have a problem with the valve leaking after 10 or so uses, not on all but about 10%-15%.

Stephanie M. (Rainelle, West Virginia, United States)
Not received yet

Haven’t received yet

Roy S. (Reading, Pennsylvania, United States)


Les S. (Marshfield, Missouri, United States)
Product review

Very dissatisfied with the previous bag and now the same thing is happening with this order also. My last order four out the twelve the drain nozzle after a few days use would not tighten correctly and wbould start to leak. Now I received this order and my first two bags are doing the same thing. I know you not the manufacturer but you should be aware of issue the the product you are selling has issues. I have sent you in the past sometime back with the same issues with no response. With regrets I am forced to seek another source to support my needs. Thank you.

Robert P. (Neptune City, New Jersey, United States)

Don"t like bottom spout; still drips after closing.

Michael H. (Wappingers Falls, New York, United States)

AmSure Urinary Leg Bag Large 900 ml

Jeff T. (Española, New Mexico, United States)
Exactly what i needed

Bought urostomy supplies their.bags. filled my order with what i needed.with no problems.i will shop their again.thank you.

Luis M. (Orlando, Florida, United States)
High quality and very good price

High quality and very good price

Trina M. (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States)

it came much more quickly than I expected. thank you