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Red Rubber Catheter, Sterile


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The Red Rubber Catheter (Robinson catheter) is a flexible, sterile, and has a lubricious coating for easy insertion. This soft, red rubber catheter is only left in momentarily, unlike a standard foley catheter that can be left in for as long as a week. The red rubber intermittent catheter doesn't have a balloon end, only two eyelets that provide for higher drainage flow from the bladder. The red rubber catheter doesn't need to attach to a leg or drainage bag, it can easily drain into a bedpan or toilet. Amsino Urethral Catheter in 10 fr, 12 fr, 14 fr, and 16 french sizes.

    • Sterile
    • Peel-open package
    • Individually wrapped
    • 5 year expiration date

      On catheter, do not use petroleum-based ointments or lubricants as they will damage the latex. After use, this product may be a potential biohazard.

      Cautions: Do not aspirate urine through drainage funnel wall. This red rubber catheter is for single patient use only. Do not resterilize. For urological use only.

      Storage: Store catheters at room temperature away from direct exposure to light, perferably in the original box.

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