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Oral-Trac Oxygen Cannula with Mouth & Nasal Prongs with 7' Tubing


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Salter Labs 4797 Oral-Trac Oral-Trac Oxygen Cannula with Mouth & Nasal Prongs is a dual-delivery cannula that supplies oxygen to the lungs through both the mouth and nostrils simultaneously. This Oral-Trac Oral/Nasal ETCO2 Divided Sampling Cannula provides oxygen delivery with modified nasal prongs (Salter Eyes) and adjustable oral TRUNK, 7 ft (2.1 m) O2 delivery tubing, 7 ft (2.1 m) CO2 tube with male luer lock connector, and an anesthesia circuit adaptor.

This Oral and Nasal Cannula is a dual-delivery cannula that supplies oxygen to the mouth and nostrils at the same time for superior oxygen delivery for those patients who need it. Made with unique curved trunk that gives oral oxygen as well as nasal oxygen, this cannula features extra soft nasal prong eyes for superior patient comfort. This provides optimal oxygen sampling. Latex Free.


  • - Oral/Nasal End Tidal CO2 sampling
  • - Additional oral sampling through TRUNK
  • - Design incorporates a permanent barrier in the facepiece and a dual tubing set
  • - Oral sampling TRUNK is adjustable to fit individual patient’s anatomy 
  • - A malleable, semi-rigid wire is encased in the body of the Oral-TracTRUNK
  • - Malleable, semi-rigid wire is non-ferrous
  • - Dual port Salter Eyes in nasal prongs
  • - Facepiece anatomically curved to fit upper lip


  • - Delivers accurate, quantitative waveforms
  • - Provides more accurate ETCO2 sampling 
  • - Allows End Tidal sampling from one naris and TRUNK while oxygen or gaseous analgesia is delivered to the other naris
  • - Ensures optimal placement for maximum efficiency
  • - The TRUNK can be easily hand contoured
  • - Permits use in MRI suite
  • - Safety apertures reduce possible blockages
  • - Comfortable, secure fit

Brand:  Salter Labs

Product number: 4797-7-7

UPC: 607411400957

Oral-Trac Oxygen Cannula with Mouth & Nasal Prongs with 7' Tubing Tags

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