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Sammons Thumb Spica Splint


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Sammons Thumb Spica Splint is designed to immobilize your thumb joints. Made with a heat-moldable material that can be cut down with scissors and adjustable strapping, this splint will keep your thumb area securely compressed as it heals.


Thumb Spica Splint Features:

  • Ideal for De Quervain’s Syndrome
  • Immobilizes CMC and MP joints of the thumb
  • Non-rigid splint
  • Fully adjustable
  • Latex-free
  • Sizes available are Small /Medium and Medium /Large


De Quervain’s Syndrome is when the tendon that moves the thumb away from the hand gets swollen. It is usually caused by repetitive thumb and wrist injuries, and can be brought on by regular activities such as wringing out clothes, knitting or lifting heavy objects.  In order for it to heal and the pain to be relieved, the thumb needs to be immobilized and secured, so that the swelling can go down and it can return to normal function. This Thumb Splint can be tailored to fit your individual hand and will keep your thumb securely protected as it heals.


Size Chart:

S/M (fits most women and smaller men)
M/L (fits most men and larger women) 

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