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Manual Blood Pressure Monitors

How to Select the Right Cuff Size
The "ideal" cuff should have a bladder length that is 80% and a width that is at least 40% of arm circumference (a length-to-width ratio of 2:1). A recent study comparing intra-arteral and auscultatory blood pressure concluded that the error is minimized with a cuff width of 46% of the arm circumference. The recommended cuff sizes are as followed:
For arm circumference of 22 to 26 cm, the cuff should be "Small adult" size: 12 x 22
For arm circumference of 27 to 34 cm, the cuff should be "Adult" size: 16 x 30
For arm circumference of 35 to 44 cm, the cuff should be "Large adult" size: 16 x 36
For arm circumference of 45 to 52 cm, the cuff should be "Adult thigh" size: 16 x 42
There are also sizes for infants and children. Check with manufacture for recommendations.

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